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Our ability to develop solutions that align with our client’s business-playing strategies is what sets us apart from the competition. Therefore if you need a dedicated team capable of transforming your vision into reality, look no further than BrandBázis Marketing, Tervező és Design Stúdió Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság!
We understand how difficult it can be to select the perfect agency for your digital need. This is why we strive to ensure our clients are satisfied. We work diligently to produce solutions that are Done On Time and within your budget.

Our passion is to ensure our clients score against their competitors and attain their business goals through building digital experiences across the globe. We help small and medium-sized businesses grow by increasing their leads and sales generated from their websites through ROI-focused digital marketing.

Our philosophy

At an affordable price, we offer creative and innovative digital marketing ideas that stand out. Our commitment to client-agency relationships as true partnerships allows us to go the extra mile and work with you on a deeper level. We prioritize our clients and put all our effort into delivering results, evidenced by our past successful projects. Our team is passionate about creating a strong bond between us and our clients, based on integrity, sound business judgment and excellence.


Build long-term success for each of our clients!
We strive to provide our clients with the most cost-effective yet practical solutions to help them grow their online and offline presence while exceeding their business goals. Through smart solutions, a talented team, friendly service, fast delivery, and ongoing support.


Understanding your business requirements and objectives and enabling us create the best solution to achieve your business goal!
We take time to get to know every client so we can deliver the most suitable solution for them. We develop resources using cutting-edge technology that provides maximum return on investments for the long-term growth of each of them.

Digital marketing Consultancy

Our interdisciplinary team will provide thoughtful research, comprehensive digital strategy, tactics and user-centric communication solutions to make sure you are ready to tackle the shifting needs of your audience.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We audit, benchmark, analyze, plan, create, design, test, and optimize to make your brand’s presence and business value grow. We have helped tens brands in their digital transformation needs through an audit, strategy, planning, media, and organizational consulting process.

Brand Valuation Consulting 

Jeff Bezos put this succinctly: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” As with any critical business asset, brand equity must be continually monitored and measured to maximize the value of its contribution to the success of your enterprise. Armed with this information, a company can adjust its brand – or even replace it—to close the gap.

Content marketing

Another effective way to reach and engage your audience is through content marketing, and we offer a variety of services to assist businesses in creating high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. This includes writing content, creating blog posts, creating infographics, and more.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a targeted, affordable method of reaching potential customers and increasing conversion rates. Businesses can segment their audiences, personalise messages, and track results with email marketing to improve campaigns. To be successful, you must adhere to best practises, such as developing a reliable email list, producing interesting content, and improving design and copy. Email marketing can be a potent tool for companies of all sizes with the appropriate strategy and approach.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to reach and interact with target markets, increase brand recognition, and promote website traffic and conversions. In addition to providing powerful tools and analytics to gauge campaign effectiveness, it fosters relationships with customers and offers precise targeting capabilities. Social media marketing has the potential to be a very powerful tool for businesses looking to increase sales and accomplish their marketing objectives.

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